Animal shaped neck pillow

The neck pillow is a pillow under the neck, which is mainly used to prevent and treat cervical spondylosis. It is well known that the normal cervical spine of human beings is curved in an arc. The so-called cervical spondylosis simply means that the cervical vertebra is deformed, that is, its original physiological radian has changed and become straight. Since the neck is the junction between the head and the body, nerves, blood vessels, spinal cord, etc. all pass through from here on. After the cervical vertebra straightens, a certain degree of compression and damage is caused to these body tissues, which leads to a series of diseases in the body. The function of the neck pillow is to correct the cervical vertebra. Is your neck very tired after a day's work? At this time, you need neck pillow to relieve fatigue. This is an animal neck pillow. It has a cute shape, including rabbits, cats, monkeys and elephants. It is very convenient to carry this neck pillow when traveling, small and lovely.
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