About Us

Yangzhou Duqi Toy Trading Co., Ltd. is a company selling plush fabric products, with its headquarters located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Since 2014, the company has expanded the product channels of plush toys, pillow, cloth cushion, plush bag, doll and other products.

Dookilive.com is a website of the company, providing high-quality and low-cost plush products for overseas customers. Cute plush toys can be used as children's toys, creative cartoon goods can be put at home for decoration, and popular styles can be given to friends.


Our slogan is "high-quality plush brand advocate"

Why choose us: focus on plush related products, select carefully, and have rich styles


  • Product channel 1: independent development

The company has many toy designers, cartoon picture design - plush toy plate making - toy production.


  • Product channel 2: Relying on China's largest plush toy market - Wutinglong International Toy City, it is known as the capital of plush toys and gifts in China. Among tens of thousands of plush styles, we will provide the most fashionable and most suitable products for overseas customers. Fast update, guaranteed quality and various styles.

Within about ten years since its establishment, it has provided many customers with beautifully made plush toys, home pillows, and cartoon fabric products, which are deeply loved by consumers. Our goal is to explore the unique charm of cartoon plush and create an enterprise brand.