Christmas tree pillow

I went to visit my friend's house today and saw a very novel thing. It's a Christmas tree pillow. It doesn't sound strange. It just feels like an ordinary pillow. I felt the same way when I saw it at first sight, but if you touch it, you will definitely be surprised. The shape of the Christmas tree pillow is not just a tree. The little tree is wearing a star hat. The lovely expression and a pair of small feet make it more lively. Next to it is its good friend, the gingerbread man, who holds the pillow. This shape is even more lovely. With his arms open, he feels open to you all the time. The red bow tie looks more gentlemanly. Lying on the sofa of a friend's house and holding it in my arms, I felt soft, and my sleepy feeling disappeared.

Gingerbread Bunny Christmas Tree Pillow
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