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How to Decorate A Small Living Room for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most cozy and joyful holidays of the year. It's a time when people decorate their houses, exchange gifts, and enjoy time with family and friends. Recently a customer consulted us, she said that her daughter really likes stuffed animals and wants to fill the house with stuffed toys Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer and other kinds of cartoon toys around Christmas on Christmas day. So let's explore today, how to decorate a small living room with stuffed animals at Christmas?

First: which stuffed animals are suitable for Christmas decoration

There are many kinds of stuffed animals with all sorts of weird and wacky cartoons, so we have to pick plush toys in the style of the main Christmas picture. Theoretically as long as the elements of Christmas made into a plush toy are suitable for use as decorations.

  • I believe we all love Santa Claus.he is one of the symbols of Christmas, and the reality of dressing up Santa Claus will also bring us gifts and good luck. So using Santa Claus stuffed animals as decorations is undoubtedly a good choice.
  • reindeer is not so much Santa's ride as Santa's best friend. Wouldn't it be a fairytale feeling to put reindeer stuffed animals in all corners of your home.
  • Snowman is the representative of winter. When Christmas comes, the northern hemisphere is in winter and everyone likes to build snowmen. Similarly snowman plush toys are surely popular. It is more fun to put some small snowmen as decoration at Christmas.
  • At the same time there are penguin stuffed animals with Christmas style scarves, Christmas tree pillow toys, gingerbread plushies, elves and so on are the embodiment of the Christmas style, are able to increase the festive atmosphere of the day, we can choose according to their own preferences.

Second: how to systematically decorate with Christmas plush toys

A. Evaluate your available space

We might start with a Christmas tree in our living room surrounded by an assortment of stuffed animals. Christmas trees and stuffed animals are relatively large, so in order not to interfere with walking and living, take some time to assess the available space in your living room before you start setting up. This will determine the number and size of stuffed animals you can use.

B. Choosing the right size stuffed animals for decoration

After evaluating the space, we have a general idea of the available space. After that, you can choose the size of stuffed animals you need, let's take Santa Claus plush toys as an example: the size of 15cm, 25cm, 35cm, 55cm, 65cm, 85cm, 1m, 1.5m. If the space next to the Christmas tree is enough, we can buy a 1.5m Santa Claus stuffed animals, placed next to the Christmas tree, so that the scene is arranged is very vivid and personalized. Very vivid and personalized. Of course, if there is not enough space and you want such a large size Santa Claus, maybe you can only consider putting it outside the door.

C. Reasonable budget

Different sizes, different numbers of Santa Claus, snowman toys, different sizes and prices are naturally different, we can determine the number and size of the budget to buy, so that you can do a good job of effective planning, buy more than not only waste but also take up space.

Third: the placement of Christmas plushies

1. Take the Christmas tree in the living room as the center and adopt the strategy of focusing on the arrangement.

Christmas tree is one of the must-buy things when the festival comes, and we usually place it in the living room.
When we decorate the tree, we can hang some 10-15cm Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer and other styles of small stuffed animals. If the location of your living room is sufficiently large in the Christmas tree can be placed next to a huge 1.5m Santa Claus, when friends come to visit, Santa Claus to create a festive atmosphere will make your friends feel shocked. If it is a small living room, you can put a few small size and then with some reindeer, penguins, the effect will also be good Oh!
The living room table is also an area that needs significant decoration
Place some small Santa Claus on the dining chairs and match them with Christmas style tablecloths and candles. It will give the whole table a festive look and can bring joy and surprise to the dining family.
Also you can decorate your fireplace with stuffed animals
Put some stuffed animals on the fireplace, such as snowman, Christmas stockings, reindeer or Christmas penguins, you can put these stuffed animals on the edge of the fireplace or hang them above the fireplace to make the whole room more festive.

2. Stuffed animals in other areas

The sofa in the small living room is suitable to put a 65cm or 85cm sitting Santa Claus, play a little imagination, Santa accompanied you and your family sitting on the sofa to watch TV is such a cozy scene.
Bedside can be placed plush toy pillow, with a variety of Christmas style pillows, accompanied by you and your children to sleep, the nightstand can be placed all the time reindeer plushies vivid and lovely shape to make the festive atmosphere instantly get upgraded!

3. Mix and match plush toys with other decorations

Our living room may have Christmas bunting, posters, and other decorations. In order to increase the festive fun, you have to consider how to cleverly match the plush toys with these decorations. For example, hang a plush toy Santa Claus pendant with suction cups on a Christmas poster. Have Santa sit on the Christmas style rug you just shopped for, these should be decided how to work depending on your home. When a friend comes to your living room, he may exclaim, wow, your home is so nicely decorated and so Christmassy!


Fourth: DIY Santa Claus and other plush toys with your family

How can you make your decoration more personalized? Then of course, you can't miss DIY, which is a great way to get your family actively involved and cultivate everyone's bonding. We can make accessories for Santa, such as a gift bag for Santa plush toys or a matching apron for him. Or sew a bell on his hand. Families participate together to make this Christmas more meaningful.

Take care to always remember not to over-decorate, as mentioned earlier in the article, if the space in a small living room is limited, arranging too many stuffed animals will only make the house too crowded.

Small spaces must take care to subtly make stuffed animals fit into the scene of this space in order to make people clap their hands.

Focusing on the environment, after Christmas is over, we need to properly store these stuffed animals, either until the next year, or put the toys that the kids like to play with outside, and the other decorative stuffed animals in the organizer.

We, DOOKILIVE plush toys online store, have carefully selected cute Christmas plush toys, you can check them out in our product category page. We wish all our friends a wonderful and unforgettable Christmas!

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