Do You Need to Wash The Newly Bought Plush Doll

Many people ask, does the plush toy just bought need cleaning? Plush toys need to be cleaned when they are just bought. Although their surface is very clean, there will be a lot of bacteria and dust on the surface in addition to residual chemical substances in the process of delivery and transportation, so they need to be cleaned for their own health. If the quality of the plush toys you get from the regular channels is basically good, you can use hand washing or machine washing for this high-quality plush toys. Here are the methods of hand washing and machine washing.

1. Hand washing

Prepare warm water in the washbasin, pour in the detergent and stir until it is completely dissolved, put the fluffy toy into the washbasin and squeeze the detergent into it by hand, then pour out the sewage and rinse the bear with clean water, then put it in a ventilated place to dry and receive the sunshine. After drying, pat the doll to make the cotton inside more fluffy.

2. Machine wash

The method of machine washing is very simple, just like washing clothes. In order to prevent the wear of the small parts on the plush toy, stick the parts of the plush toy with adhesive tape, put them into the laundry bag and choose a gentle way. After washing and drying, pat the toy to make the cotton inside more fluffy. This method is more suitable for smaller toys. The size is too large to fit in the washing machine!

Someone would like to ask, if it is a large doll, how to clean it? Here we introduce another simple method, called crude salt cleaning method. Use a large bag that will not leak, pour some salt into it, and then put the doll to be cleaned in it. Hold the bag tightly to prevent the salt from falling out. Grasp the bag and shake it vigorously so that each side of the doll can contact with the salt. Open the bag again and wait until you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, continue to shake it. Because salt will stick to the doll's body, when you clean the salt on the doll's body, dust will fall down with the fall of salt. This method is very suitable for large dolls.

For the sake of children's health, newly bought dolls should be cleaned before use, not only to remove dust and bacteria, but also to remove the floating hairs on the dolls.
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