Do You Want to Take Out The Cotton When Washing The Plush Toys

Many people think that it is very troublesome to take out the cotton when cleaning the plush toys. So here are four ways to teach you: don't take the cotton, and you can wash the toys as brand new.
1. Hand washing
First, prepare a basin of warm water. The water temperature should not be hot to prevent the fabric from shrinking or even damaging the fabric. Plush toys have strong water absorption. It is difficult to lift them with small strength. It is not easy to wring them dry, and it is not easy to dry them in the sun. There will be a lot of water inside the doll. If the sun is not good enough, it will easily become moldy. Remember to wash the toy in sunny days. Small dolls can still be washed and easy to dry. Big dolls should not be washed by hand. It is really difficult to dry.
2. Washing machine
Many dolls cannot be opened without zippers. At this time, it is the easiest to use a washing machine. If you want to use a washing machine, you'd better choose the gentle mode of a roller washing machine. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to wash the doll, especially some dolls with poor quality, and it is easy to open the thread, and even the filler inside will collapse directly. The small parts on the toy will also fall off. It is best to use adhesive tape to attach the parts such as eyes and nose and put them into the laundry bag. After washing, dry in a ventilated place and gently pat the cotton to make it more fluffy.
3. Manual wiping
If the doll is soiled in a small area, it can be wiped with a wet towel, which can also play a certain role in cleaning. It can also be properly wiped with alcohol, which can play a role in disinfecting and removing mites. It can also be used to dip a bit of detergent with a toothbrush, brush the dirty part, and finally wash the outermost cloth slowly with clear water, without adding much water, to avoid water being sucked into the interior. After washing, it should be exposed to the sun and dried.
4. Crude salt cleaning
This method can be used if the doll is relatively large, it is inconvenient to wash by hand, and the washing machine cannot fit it. First prepare a bag of coarse salt, then put the doll into a large plastic bag, then sprinkle the coarse salt to fasten the bag mouth, shake vigorously, and use the coarse salt to take away the dirt on the doll's surface.
The above are four ways to clean the plush toys without dismantling the cotton. I hope it can help you.
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