How to Clean Plush Toys

Children like those plush dolls very much, because most of their fabrics are soft and very comfortable to touch, and their expressions are also very pleasing. But it's easy to get dirty after a long time. Many mites and dust will enter the plush, and children with sensitive skin will easily suffer from skin diseases. Some plush toys have no washing conditions on their labels, which will cause problems for many of us at this time. How to clean the plush toys? Let's have a look together.
1. Soak in warm water and gently rub
The most important thing to worry about when cleaning plush toys is the fear of deformation, the fear of the eyes on the toys and the nose falling off. It is difficult for us laymen to sew into the original shape with needle and thread. We can prepare a basin of warm water. The water temperature should not be hot to prevent the fabric from shrinking or even damaging the fabric. Then remove the doll's shell and put it into the basin to soak. Then pour the detergent on the doll shell and rub it. After washing, put it in a ventilated and sunny place to dry. Don't expose it to the sun! Otherwise, your doll's skin color is another. As for the cotton inside, it can be dried in the sun.
2. Washing machine cleaning (simple and rough)
At present, the quality of dolls on the market is still very good. If they cannot be disassembled and washed, they can be put directly into the washing machine for convenience and convenience. In order to prevent the wear of the small parts on the plush toy, stick the parts of the plush toy with adhesive tape, put them into the laundry bag and choose a gentle way. After washing and drying, pat the toy to make the cotton inside more fluffy. This method is more suitable for small toys of about 30 cm. Usually, these size dolls have no zipper and can't be disassembled and washed.
3. Dry cleaning of plush toys with crude salt or soda powder
This method is more suitable for large dolls. Put the dirty plush toy into a plastic bag, put an appropriate amount of coarse salt, and then tie the mouth and shake it vigorously. After a few minutes, the toy will be clean. Let's see that the salt has turned black. Salt is actually sodium chloride, which can adsorb dirt. Because salt has a strong disinfection effect, it can not only clean toys, but also effectively kill bacteria and viruses. In the same way, change the crude salt into soda powder, the principle is the same, and the cleaning effect is also obvious.
It is recommended to clean the plush toys regularly. When the weather is sunny, pat the dust on them and receive more sunlight. It will be safer to use them! I hope these methods can help you.

4. It is recommended to wash plush toys of multiple colors separately.
There are many types of plush toys. Some stuffed animals are very dark in color, such as red, black, rose red, and dark blue. Some colors are lighter, such as yellow, light purple, and white. If you have purchased these plush toys for a long time, there may be a risk that the color will fade when you wash them. We recommend washing light and dark stuffed toys separately. If you are washing in a washing machine, we recommend that you put in anti-staining paper, which will reduce the risk of staining. Take our blox fruits plush as an example. There are more than 30 types of toys, each with its own color. It can be described as colorful. If you buy a lot of pieces, they must be washed separately when cleaning later.

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