cute imitation lion stuffed toy doll

This little lion toy is really cute. The hair on the head is curly, like a woman's perm, with two big ears drooping, as if listening to the movement around. There is a pair of big black eyes in the blue eye socket, which is really impressive! A big mouth opened wide, showing sharp fangs, as if in a rage, showing sharp fangs, as if in a rage against those who are not clean. Its four thick legs, the front legs lying down, the back legs squatting, like watching pedestrians and vehicles coming and going. Sharp claws, like people still want to peel paper scraps, all into their own stomach. He curled up his big hairy tail, showing a naughty look. The two lions are big and small, just like a mother and son. They are very cute.
Imitation Lion Stuffed Toy
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