How to Get Kitsune Blox Fruit and Price of Plush Toy

How to Get Kitsune Blox Fruit and Price of Plush Toy

What is kitsune blox fruit?

Fox is one of the beast fruits in roblox blox fruits. He is a very expensive fruit and is completely new to the game. The price in the game is very high, and if you want to collect it in the game, the chance is very low, unless you are very lucky.kitsune blox fruit

What capabilities does kitsune blox fruit provide?

  • Tail
When the tail's meter reaches 3, you can use Transform. This will grant you special abilities that will enhance your skills in the game.
  • Flame
After using the transformation skill, you will gain fire. Can cause damage to enemies.
  • Increase speed
After transforming, the user's damage will be reduced by 20%, the speed will become faster, and the jumping ability will also increase.
  • The transformed kitsune blox fruit is very handsome and can run on water.
  • The transformed kitsune becomes very large. Naturally, your friends in the game can use it as a mount to get a different gaming experience.
kitsune blox fruit transformed

    Why is kitsune blox fruit so popular?

    Kitsune has a legend of the nine-tailed fox since ancient times. In the game, it has supernatural abilities and can cause good damage to enemies, but kitsune are very scarce, so the trading value is very high. And in the ability above, we mentioned that it can be ridden by gamers.

    How to get Kitsune Blox fruit?

    However, this method will cost a lot of time and may not always be successful in obtaining Kitsune Blox fruit.

    Fans of the game have reported to us that Kitsune Blox fruits are too rare in the game, but they like them very much. We handcrafted kitsune blox fruit plush based on suggestions from fans of the game.
    It’s hard to get in the game, so buy a Kitsune Blox fruit plush toy and put it next to the computer to play games with me. hahaha……
    The product pictures are as follows. If you like, you can click on the picture to jump to our product details page to purchase directly.
    We have tried our best to restore the character in the game, and this is a very charming fox box.


    How much is kitsune fruit plush?

    Dookilive toy store has more than 30 kinds of blox fruits plush for sale. The price of each fruit is different according to the difficulty of hand-making. Kitsune Blox Fruit Plush, originally priced at $29, is now on sale at $23.80. We cannot guarantee that our prices are the cheapest, but we can guarantee that the Blox Fruit Plush you receive is carefully crafted. When you receive our toys, you will definitely feel that they are worth your money.

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