Small Animals Frog Fox Raccoon Doll

The annual carnival party is held in the forest. On this special day, the small animals wear beautiful clothes to participate in the dance. Little Frog, Little Fox, Little Raccoon, Little Mouse, the clothes should be negotiated this time. They all put on their matching floral suits, adding more fresh feeling to the forest. Suddenly, these small animals escaped from the forest and ran to us. They warmly gave us a big hug and asked us to go to the forest to dance. We jump, jump, the alarm goes off, and open our bleary eyes. It's a dream! Where did the little animal go? Opening the quilt, they were lying quietly in the quilt! It was a group of small animal plush dolls, soft to the touch.

Small Forest Animals Frog Fox and Raccoon Sleep Quietly Plush Doll
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