What is The Filling Material of Plush Toys

Now, plush toys are not only the favorite of children, but also widely used by people of different ages. When we choose a plush toy, we will be attracted by its lovely appearance and shape. It feels fluffy and makes people love it. Many people are curious about what material is its filler made of? Which is safer? There are three main types of filling materials for plush toys:
1. PP cotton, also known as doll cotton, filler cotton, also known as filler cotton, is made of recycled polyester staple fiber. It is a common man-made chemical fiber, mainly composed of ordinary fiber and hollow fiber. This product has good resilience, strong bulkiness, smooth feel, low price, and good thermal insulation. It is widely used in toy filling, clothing, and bedding industries. Of course, what we most value is that PP cotton has extremely high safety and does not contain formaldehyde, fluorescent agent and other chemical irritants. Therefore, the factory mostly uses it as a filler for plush toys, pillow cores and other items.
2. Water-washed cotton is made of cotton cloth. After special treatment, the color and luster of the surface of the fabric will be softer, and the handle will be more soft, and it will reflect the feeling of old material in the slight wrinkle. This kind of clothes has the advantages of not easy to deform, not fade, and not ironing. The surface of a good washed cotton cloth also has a layer of uniform plush, which has a unique style.
3. Down cotton is produced by different specifications of microfiber through special process. It is called down cotton because its texture is like down, and most of them are called silk wool or hollow cotton. The product is light, delicate, soft, well insulated, not easy to deform, and will not penetrate the silk. Down cotton also has a very important advantage, that is, its production cost is relatively low and its cost performance is very high, which is deeply loved by manufacturers and consumers. However, the disadvantage of down cotton is also very obvious, that is, it is not washable. In life, we often have the phenomenon that the down jacket shrinks and its elasticity decreases after washing down jacket, which is the "beauty deficiency" of down cotton. The same is true for plush toys, so if you have PPcotton as your choice, you should try to choose better quality PPcotton.
I hope you can choose your favorite plush toys.
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