Why Children Like Plush Toys

Children are dependent on their parents when they are very young. However, for various reasons, parents sometimes cannot accompany their children at all times. Some children will lack a sense of security when their emotional needs are not met. At this time, children often look for sustenance from the dolls around them. Long-term accompanying toys can provide comfort to babies when they are sad and nervous, and help them gain psychological security. Plush toys are popular with children because of their soft fabric and lovely shape. So, the plush toy became the baby's confidant. Many children often bring a favorite plush toy to accompany them when they leave home or go to kindergarten.
Now there are many stuffed toys on the market, so how should parents choose? Previously, a consumer association person reminded parents that when buying plush toys, they can find, look, touch, smell and ask:
"Find" - find a trademark. Generally, plush toys produced by regular manufacturers have trademarks, factory names, factory addresses, etc.
"Look" - look at the color. The plush should not be too long. Consumers had better choose the one with a zipper on the back of the toy, so that they can see the cotton filling inside. If there are too many broken velvet on the back of the toy, it may be inferior; For the part of the eyes, it is better to choose the eyes sewn with needle and thread, instead of plastic products, which are easy for babies to swallow and contain formaldehyde.
"Touch" - touch to see if it is soft and elastic, and do not buy plush toys with hard and unsmooth feel; You can rub it on your cheek to feel whether it is comfortable.
"Smell" - smell whether there is any peculiar smell, and the smell of regular and qualified toys is fresh.
"Ask" - ask about the price. Don't buy too cheap.
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